Debts & Diets – What’s the Secret?


How many of us could stand to lose a few pounds and also payoff some debts?  Everyone is searching for the latest and greatest fad to get ripped and or get rich. Everyone wants to know what is the secret?  The secret lies within each of us.  We are the secret to getting ripped or getting rich.    It all starts with us.


With debts and diets it all starts on the day we say, enough is enough, no more.  I have had it and something must change and change now.  Maybe that day comes when we look in the mirror or we sit starring at a pile of credit card bills, car loan and consumer payments and wonder how did we ever get ourselves into this mess.

That day is critical because ultimately it is the breakdowns in our lives that can lead to the biggest breakthroughs in our lives.  How do you transform a breakdown into a breakthrough?  It will only occur when the breakdown becomes a defining moment in your life.  It is in that defining moment that you will create the motivation to change your behavior and your habits that will transform your life and your finances.    If you are at that point in your life, here are some tips on how to “get ripped” financially by establishing a plan to pay off your debt.

Step on the Financial Scale – With any weight loss program you must first step up on the scale to capture your current weight.  The same is true for your debts.  Start by creating a ledger to capture your current debts.  Use this to define your starting point.

Set Your Financial Goals –  We all have an idea of what we would like to lose or payoff.  However, without specific clear written goals, we will never accomplish them.  Therefore, take some time to establish a some clear financial goals and timelines for paying off your debts.

Daily or Weekly Financial Weigh-In  –   It is absolutely critical that you measure your results and celebrate your progress.   Therefore, you need to break-down your long term debt free goals to short term weekly goals.   Celebrate these weekly victories.  They will build your confidence and enthusiasm.

Change Your Financial Habits –  The only way to successfully achieve your diet or debt goals is to change your habits.  We have the ability to create new financial habits.  There are numerous studies that show new habits can be formed in 30 days.  Therefore, start today and work on building some new healthy financial habits.

Daily Financial Calories –  Successful dieting involves making conscious choices everyday at every meal.   The same is true with a financial diet.   You need to make conscious financial choices and decisions every day regarding every purchase.

Avoiding Financial Temptations – You cannot stay committed to your diet if you are tempting yourself with your favorite treats and foods everyday.  The same is true for financial temptations.  You cannot wander through the shopping malls, look through catalogs or eat out every meal if you plan on achieving your goal of paying off your debts.

Building Your Financial Will Power – There is power in the moment of choice.  Every time you avoid temptation and make the right decision you build your will power.  You create certainty, build momentum and confidence that you will achieve your goals.   You can further strengthen your will power by regularly reaffirming, reading or visualizing the achievement of your goals.   Your financial goals are the same as your diet goals.  With a diet you may visualize fitting into that perfect outfit , looking great on the beach during your vacation or wowing your friends at  a reunion or special event.  It is that vision that compels you to stay committed to achieving your goals

The Power of You – Ultimately you will determine whether or not you get ripped, get rich or live debt free.  Never underestimate yourself.  You have all of the power, talents, abilities and drive to achieve any goal you are willing to commit to achieving in your life.  History is full of compelling stories of individuals who overcame adversity, lack of education, physical limitations, lack of financial resources, etc., to accomplish great things in their lifetimes.  They were able to accomplish these great feats because they had a crystal clear vision of what they wanted to accomplish in their lives.  They were unwilling to accept failure or be deterred from achieving their goals for their lives.    They were no different than you and I.  You can do it! Don’t wait another day.  Step Up and Go For It….

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